Independent Educational Consulting for Bay Area Families

School-based guidance counselors are often some of the hardest working and dedicated educators in our schools. But their large caseloads and broad job responsibilities detract from their ability to give students the individual attention and tailored assistance that they need in the post-secondary planning process.

Ethan Ris & Associates Educational Consulting offers individualized, comprehensive educational counseling and consulting, from the college search to the financial aid process. Our goal is to match motivated students with colleges, universities, and alternative programs that suit their needs and interests — and then provide them with the tools to get there.

The college admissions process is almost always the most daunting and consequential set of decisions and actions a young person has ever undertaken. We believe that students must take responsibility for charting their own paths, but we are here to help them along the way.

Our apologies, but at this time we are not accepting new clients.